onsdag 29 oktober 2014


Today I want to show you a card I made for Oktoberfest. I know it´s a bit late, but I thought I´d show it to you anyway. Two of the stamps I used, I modified slightly, but don´t worry I´ll explain. The partygirl I modified by putting masking tape directly on the stamp, covering her left hand, the pile of gifts and the ribbon by her arm, I then applied ink to my stamp, removed the masking tape and stamped my image. That way, when I stamped it, the masked parts didn´t show. Next I stamped the beer glass, using the same technique as before to mask off the arm holding it. To get the correct placement, I used a stamp positioner to get the beer glass in place. Now it was time for free-hand drawing to fill in the gaps. I filled in her arm and hand, and then decided to change her top to my own version of a dirndl dress, based on pictures I found on google. I drew a corset and added some lace to her cleavage, gave her a table to rest her elbow on and to finish it off, gave her puffy arms on her dress. When I did the puffy arms on her dress, I drew lines a bit wider than the shoulder line and covered up the original stamped line with a white gel pen. I stamped my sentiment, put my card together and finished it off by stamping a few hearts and making an edelweiss-isch flower. The stamps I used are V806 and V746.
Below you can see how the stamps lookt originally.
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